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Laboratory Diagnostics Department

Department of Laboratory Diagnostics is the functional unit of the clinic, providing high quality laboratory and giving about 80% of objective diagnostic information about the patient's condition. Laboratory research - an integral part of the treatment process. In the division of laboratory diagnostics performed more than 200 kinds of research.

Branch consists of four groups:

  • Gemotsitology and Clinical Research Methods
  • Clinical Hemostasis
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Clinical Bacteriology

The present level of technical equipment and highly skilled professionals, the use of modern methods of quality control of the studies guarantee the high quality and reliability of the results.

Today the divisionis headed by M.V. Poluektova, Ph.D., a doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics of the highest category.

Department Head

Marina V.
Ph.D., physician clinical laboratory diagnostics of the highest category


The pride of the divisionis a strong team, presented by highly qualified specialists with a long experience.

The team of the laboratory are: 7 scientists, 8 doctors of clinical laboratory diagnostics, 2 physician and bacteriologist, 21 felsher-laboratory, 2 PhD.

All members have a certificate in clinical laboratory diagnostics, the first or top category.

The main scientific direction

The main scientific direction of the division- the study of the features of homeostasis, not only at the stage of diagnosis of cancer pathology, but also in various stages of combined treatment with an evaluation of its effectiveness.

The scientific and practical laboratory work is performed in close collaboration with clinical departments of the Centre.

The constant search for and implementation of new advanced methods of diagnosis - these qualities are inherent in the laboratory staff at all stages of its development.

Equipment and methods

Division of Laboratory Diagnostics works on the principle of improving the quality of medical research, improvement and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of diagnostics.

All analyzes are carried out in a professional laboratory equipment manufacturers:

  • Hematology analyzer «UNICEL D * H 800 COULTER»
  • Spectrophotometer «AU 480 Chemistry System»
  • Coagulation analyzer «ACL-9000"
  • Urinary analyzer «URISCAN»
  • Bacteriological analyzer «BactAlert 3D»
Biochemical studies Coagulation studies
Hematologic Research General Clinical Research Total Clinical Research
Bakteriologieskie research

Our advantages

  • a wide range of laboratory research, reliable and timely results;
  • analyzes are carried out in a professional laboratory equipment manufacturers:
  • qualified staff;
  • quality control system (certificates) daily internal quality control assessments, external quality control FSVOK, international quality control EQAS;
  • laboratory information system, storage of diagnostic patient's history;
  • affordable prices, discounts for different categories of patients, individual approach to each patient;
  • comfortable conditions for the patients;
  • confidentiality of medical information about the individual;
  • disposable sterile systems for collecting Vacuteiner biomaterials;
  • to collect biological material used disposable, sterile vacuum systems to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff, the high quality of the samples and reduce errors.
  • the test system of the latest generation, ensuring high precision analyzes;
  • the results of laboratory analysis of the "day", and a wide range of laboratory tests for 1 day;
  • opportunity to donate blood in the home;
  • information support specialists in laboratory diagnosis;
  • operative transmission of test results (by fax, e-mail);
  • performance of laboratory research projects;
  • used in the diagnostic panel: abdominal, cardiac, renal, inflammatory, diabetic, diagnosis of anemia lipidogram, hematology.


Laboratory staff are protected 3 candidate and 1 doctoral thesis, published monographs, produced a series of guidelines, prepared by inventors' certificates, published more than 250 scientific papers.


Department Head – PhD Poluektova Marina V.
Tel: (484) 399-32-91
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